Your life-long career partner.

From the moment you graduate, we're on hand to ensure that landing your first job is quick, stress-free and straight-forward. In our 15 in our years in business we've seen it all, from the 2008 financial crisis to the rise of Crypto and everything in-between. So, no matter the challenge, we've always helped graduates to find their footing in the German Financial Services sector.

Why use us?

We understand the pressures graduates can face as they enter the world of work for the first time.

You may not have a full understanding of what roles your degree will allow you to enter, or where your skillset may be best placed. You may not know the best organisations to approach or what salary you should be negotiating for.

That's why we provide a specialist service for entry-level jobseekers that goes above and beyond what you'd get from a job board.

We work as your career advisors, matching your skills and requirements to jobs in your area, demonstrating the reasons why your degree is a great match for the German financial services industry, and proactively approaching companies with you until you secure the job you want.

In short, we've connected thousands of graduates to jobs they've loved, and if we're not 100% sure it'll be a success, we'll keep searching for the perfect match.

Providing you with the tools for success.

Career Partner

We’ll work with you in an advisory capacity, meaning you’ll always have a partner to guide you through the next steps of your career and beyond. We’ll provide practical advice on what jobs you can do with your new degree, and connect you to the right type of role or company.

Full preperation

We don’t just offer general interview tips. We'll tell you exactly how that particular company interviews, what traits they’re looking for, specifics about the company and job that you should know, and everything in between. So, you’ll go to interview armed with the knowledge, confidence and inside info that you need to secure the job.

Candidate-led approach

Too many recruiters are only concerned about getting candidates through their client’s doors to make a quick fee, but we adopt a truly candidate-led approach. We’ll work with you to identify the companies you’ll thrive in, and areas of the market that you genuinely want to work, and target those exclusively so that you're only ever interviewing at places you know you can make a career in.

Securing your interview

Your CV is the shop window to your skills and the first stage in securing your first job -  yet most recruiters don’t offer their candidates advice on how to best sell themselves! We’ll take the time to help you write, structure and send your CV to ensure you secure interviews at the places you want to work - and then secure the job too.


Your complete graduate jobseeking guide.

This guide is designed to help you make the most of what you’ve got, learn how to access the roles that are best suited to you, and make sure you know how to present yourself to make recruiters and companies sit up and take notice so that you can land the job you want.

It’s based on our recruitment experience, so you can be confident that we’re sharing hints and tips that will be of real practical help.

Tailored for German graduates.


Guiding you from grad to great.

Looking for your first professional job can be daunting. But we're here to make that easier by making connections between grads and financial services organisations that stand the test of time.

You might not know the best organisations to target or where your degree can take your career. But working with us, you'll always get a personal service, which means you'll be assigned a consultant who will take the time to identify the details that make the difference between finding you a job and finding you a career.

We'll only connect you to companies that match your personal requirements, and take care of setting up interviews and negotiate the best remuneration packages. And we'll arm you with the knowledge to ensure that you know more than your competition before you even step foot in the interview.

Financial Services Specialists.

With more banks than ever before operating in Germany, competition for candidates is fierce. So you'll likely be presented with many opportunities when looking for your first financial services job. But knowing the best organisations to work for can be hard.

With over 15 year's experience in the sector, we have a deep understanding of how each organisation works from the inside-out, alongside the latest trends, insights and knowledge of local banks in your area.

Applying directly means you're unlikely to get a genuine idea about the organisation. But we'll take the time to clearly set out the companies expectations, give you an honest insight into working life at the company, and align them with you requirements to find the perfect fit for you.


Working to your requirements.

We know that where you work can be as important as the work you do, and understand the career path, rewards and challenges ahead of you. And because no two people are the same, we’ll work with you to identify your specific personal ambitions to ensure that we find the ideal fit, every single time.

Whether you have a requirement for remote work/flexibility, a focus on quick progression or a desire to work at a prestigious company, the scope of our client network means we'll always find the perfect opportunity for you.

You'll be informed before you start any process exactly what you can expect working at the company, how you'll fit in there and why you personally would be a good fit for the role.

How do you get started?


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A powerful jobseeking tool.

Working with banks and financial institutions throughout Germany, we know the sector inside-out - including which organisations to target for the most competitive remuneration packages.

Whether money is your main motivator or your responsibilities or the company reputation, our salary guide contains  information about what to expect from a job in the German financial services sector.

Our candidate commitment

We know how important it is for jobseekers to be kept up to date at every stage in the application process. So we've set out clear and accountable actions that we uphold for every jobseeker we work with.

Respond to all contact within 24 hours

Always give post-interview feedback

Keep you updated throughout your job search

Insider tips for graduate jobsekers

The latest information, advice and guidance to help you to land your first job in financial services.