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Our interim recruitment service enables you to get the right people into your business, with the right skills, in a timeframe that works for you. No matter how niche the skillset, we’ll ensure that your team has the talent needed to complete your next project or find the right permanent solution.

How JCW can help you

How JCW can help you

Contract recruitment moves fast, so you need a staffing partner that's reactive to your requirements and precise in delivery.

With over 15 years' experience connecting talent to some of the world's most cutting-edge projects, we've built a network of high-calibre active and engaged candidates ready to place into your organisation rapidly. We'll provide 360 degree end-to-end management of the recruitment process, from project scoping through to payroll, to ensure that the hiring process is quick and painless.

Our experienced consultants build relationships based on trust and a true understanding of their sector, so that you're secure knowing that you have a recruitment partner that can support all of your staffing needs and deliver results for your organisation.

Our approach

Our approach

1. Networks

We have a deep reach into candidate networks in the financial services industry, drawing on long-standing relationships developed with contractors, memberships of industry bodies and targeted role advertising processes.

3. Reputation

Our customer service charter sets out our commitment to service excellence, so our contractors choose to work with us again and again, in addition to referring highly-skilled, qualified peers to us.

2. Marketing

Our in-house marketing team focuses on creating and distributing content that will help to expand our network reach of permanent, freelance, and interim candidates and increase engagement with our brand.

4. Database

We'll leverage our existing database of active and engaged candidates to find interim talent that matches your requirements. And our technology stack enables us to do this accurately and efficiently, reducing your time to hire.

Why use us?

Why use us?

Contractor vs Permanent costs

You might be surprised to know that long-term, hiring contract resource could work out more cost-effective than hiring a permanent employee.

Typically contractor base pay rates are more expensive per day than permanent staff. But often, organisations don't take into account all the other costs associated with hiring permanent staff.

We've created a calculator so you can see how you may end up saving on costs when hiring a contractor.


Get in touch with a specialist consultant

Get in touch with a specialist consultant

Let us know your requirements and we'll contact you to discuss the best route to providing you with contract talent

How we've helped teams to grow

KYC Team Deployed Rapidly in Private Bank

KYC Team Deployed Rapidly in Private Bank

Securing a KYC analyst with the right experience for a private bank, based in Europe. Case Study Risk managment Private Bank Situation A private bank...
Multiple internal audit professionals placed to meet regulatory requirements.

Multiple internal audit professionals placed to meet regulatory requirements.

Multiple internal audit professionals placed to meet regulatory requirements. Case Study Audit | USA Boutique Banking Institution Situation Due to a corrective action plan determined...
Building a new Internal audit function for a European Retail Bank

Building a new Internal audit function for a European Retail Bank

Building a new Internal audit function for a European Retail Bank including the Chief Auditor and the team of 7 below them Case Study Audit...

Which skills do we work with?

By focussing on nine specific skillsets, we understand each of the areas we work within inside-out. So you'll always be interacting with a consultant who's a true specialist in your sector.

  • JCW-icons_Audit_2


Ensuring businesses and organizations are financially healthy and able to meet their commitments.

  • JCW-icons_Business Change & Transformation

    Change & Transformation

Planning, organizing and measuring complex change programmes that improve efficiency and growth.

  • JCW-icons_Financial Crime

    Compliance & Financial Crime

Ensuring business adherence to financial authority governance and implementing strategies to detect and prevent financial crime.

  • JCW-icons_Credit & Lending

    Credit & Lending

Managing the smooth flow of finance for business operations, both as a creditor and as a lender.

  • JCW-icons_Data


Effective and efficient use of information and systems to enable businesses to meet their goals.

  • JCW-icons_Finance


Supporting business growth with clear financial oversight, strategies and data.

  • JCW-icons_Legal


Providing advice, managing risk and ensuring legal compliance to meet commercial objectives.

  • JCW-icons_Risk_2

    Risk Management & Quant

Identifying, prioritising and managing risks and assumptions that have an impact on strategies, projects and programmes.

  • JCW-icons_Tax


Ensuring organizations comply with tax laws whilst also promoting greater tax efficiency across operations.

Contractor hiring guide

Without experience it can be difficult to know where to get started when it comes to hiring contractors.

From attracting the best talent through to writing up the contract itself, there's a lot to consider.

So, we've produced a handy guide to help you through the process, from beginning to end.

Contractor Booklet

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