Credit & Lending

If your bank or institution is involved in lending or offering credit, you’ll need to be sure that the loans and credit you approve can be repaid.
And for that, you need experienced credit analysis and approval teams.

Our expertise

It’s critical that reliable due diligence is carried out on businesses applying for a loan. Your institution needs to be confident that the applicant has the means to repay the loan or credit on the agreed terms. This is a specialist area, where experts in credit are vital to ensuring the profitability of your credit and lending portfolio.

Our excellent candidates have experience in financial statement analysis across a range of organisations and have the analysis, underwriting and approval expertise you need, helping to make your credit and lending business working harder for you.

Our team understands the nuances and expectations of the credit and lending sector, including the need for professionals who can demonstrate their knowledge and experience, and who are able to get straight to work, making a difference to your organization.

Specialisms we cover include:

  • Credit Underwriting, Credit Analysis, Credit Risk, and Credit Approval
  • Lending, Origination, Structuring, and Specialty Financing
  • Credit/Loan Review, Credit Research, Investment Analysis, and Portfolio Management
  • Loan Administration, Closing, Processing and Documentation
  • Relationship Management, Business Development, Client Services and Customer Experience
  • Securitization, Insurance Underwriting and Corporate Development

Proven track record

We consistently deliver for some of the largest businesses in the world


Credit experts

We have a deep specialist network of professionals in credit & lending


Global network

We work with clients globally from our 7 office locations


Service quality

We’re committed to service excellence at every stage of the process

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Nick Giordano


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