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Having an in-house legal team gives you instant access to specialist legal knowledge, helping to protect your business. Our network of qualified, senior legal experts have a track record of providing solutions to even the most complex problems.

Our expertise

Professional service businesses and public interest organizations, particularly those involved in highly-regulated financial and technology sectors, benefit from implementing in-house legal and public policy teams that can provide immediate advice, guidance and external advocacy as an organization grows and diversifies. Whether the issues come in the form of complex business transactions, IP and data protection, prospective litigation or affecting industry-specific regulatory change, legal & public policy departments ensure dedicated access to the right legal knowledge at the right time.

Depending on the size and pace of growth of your organization, you may need to grow a multi-functional legal department and public policy team acting under the direction of a Chief Legal Officer / General Counsel, hire a legal counsel with specialized knowledge or simply have on-demand access to an interim resource that is a skilled, cost-effective alternative to paying the expensive hourly costs of an outside law firm.

We can help to build a team with you. Our consultants have years of experience working within legal & public policy recruitment and have built an enviable network of corporate legal experts who can add immediate value to your business, in either FTE hire or interim capacities.

Key roles we recruit for include:

  • Chief Legal Officer
  • General Counsel
  • Deputy or Associate General Counsel
  • Corporate Counsel
  • Director, Legal Operations
  • Director, Public Policy / Government Affairs

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Chris Markley
Managing Director

Dan Clough

Dan Clough
Principal Consultant


Our focus on the technology industry enables our employees to deliver a consultancy service with the technical understanding and market insight to work with you as your talent partner to achieve your business growth plans.

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